Completely new type of media on the internet
Product and marketing designer
Generated Photos is the most consistent AI-generated media available. The team produces incredibly realistic faces using machine learning. As the people on the photos do not exist, the images hold no additional copyrights, use rights, royalties and are safe to use commercially in any legal fashion.
Problem and goal
Generated Photos launched with the 100,000 Faces project in a Fall of 2019 as a simple landing page with ability to download pack of images. Taking 3rd in the Golden Kitty awards for AI/ML on Product Hunt, the team received great feedback, and users requested flexible filters, like skin color, gender, and age. Also, there was a question: how to monetize this story?
Process and result
I designed a whole new app interface, including the marketing part and identity. We took into account all the basic desires of users about filters. Also, we've added a cool feature to change the color or remove the background of a photo. This part also works thanks to AI: first, we cut the background and then fill it with the right color.
We've also added an option in the photo popup to vote on the quality of the photo — this has helped us better understand which results are good and which are not so good.
Photos can be downloaded in 512x512 for free in any quantity. If that's not enough — the user is offered a subscription with access to 15 photos per month in 1024x1024. If that's not enough either, the user can buy as many photos as needed through the cart. The user can change additional parameters of the selected photos in the cart — background transparency, AI-enlargement, and license type.
We have created and launched a whole new type of AI media. In 2022, the service has about 200K MAUs and active subscribers and customers.