Redesign of pricing, paywalls and user account
Product designer
2020 — 2022
Icons8 is an ecosystem of assets and tools used by 1,500,000+ designers and developers worldwide. It's not just icons but also illustrations, photos, music, AI tools, graphic editors, etc. The business model is freemium: Icons8 gives away absolutely everything in limited quality for free.
Problem and goal
Initially, Icons8 had very simplified pricing - one subscription plan for all products. Over time, the number of products within the ecosystem grew, and giving it all away for a single subscription became unprofitable.
We came up with a natural solution: make the pricing flexible and break up the plan into several separate ones, but without hurting the old users. And, of course, leave free usage.
Process and result
We designed the new pricing, paywalls for each product, and the updated user account.
The new pricing includes subscribing to each product individually or all at once. The design is assembled from components of the design system, which increases consistency between all products.
Each product in the ecosystem now has a new paywall, with the ability to subscribe, buy a single asset, or continue to use the free offer.
Users can manage active subscriptions in the account, where you can also subscribe to other products. Also, in the account, you can start a team and invite colleagues, see the history of downloads, and edit account settings.
We've made subscriptions almost painlessly much more flexible and increased profits, at the expense of which the company can experiment and create new products and, of course, support existing products, which 1,500,000+ users worldwide use.