I’m on my way to make the world better through design and everything I’ve learned. I like identifying myself as an architect of meanings and visuals.

Experienced in creating interfaces, apps, websites, identity, visual concepts, and open for other sorts of design stuff.

Currently, I’m a Product Design Lead at Icons8: we are helping designers all over the world to make their lives easier.


Lead Designer, Aug 2019 — Present
An ecosystem of assets and tools used by 1,500,000+ designers and developers around the world. It's not just icons but also illustrations, photos, music, AI tools, graphic editors, etc.
In Icons8, I helped take visual design to the next level, bring the design in products to consistency, and launch 45+ new products on Product Hunt.
Here I learned how to work parallel on multiple products and help marketing simultaneously, manage the design team's processes, and close user needs.
Generated Media
Product Designer, Sep 2019 — Present
The first company to commercialise the sale of generated photos. It is now over 2.5 million photos and a photo generator.
I've been at Generated Media from the very beginning: I did the design for the earliest promos, the core platform interface, and the revolutionary Face Generator.
Here I first delved into AI and ML and understood how to explain to users what they hadn't seen before. With the birth of a new type of AI media, one must act quickly and experiment a lot.
Lead Designer, Sep 2014 — Jul 2019
Digital product design and development team. 100+ projects: marketing, mobile apps, and complex web interfaces.
I joined Stride when the studio was still called Uvee. In 4 years of work, I helped get the design department up from scratch. Supported and supervised all design processes in the company. Set up and accelerated the creation of websites in Webflow. Designed and maintained a design system.
I learned how to create products from scratch, build websites without code, and work as a team.